HASKE Lighting is a small family lighting company created by brother-in-law Piotr Orlewicz and sister-in-law Justyna Hładkulik in Szczecin. In the Hausa Afroasiatic language, the word HASKE means light, glow and brightness.

It was created out of a passion for beautiful interiors and functional design. Both of them have experience in the lighting and architectural industry. Today, they transfer the acquired knowledge Into their own brand created in accordance with the values that are important for them.

Products are entirely produced on the European market. The brand cooperates only with experienced and trusted suppliers, who equally care about high quality and paying attention to even the smallest detail. The products are assembled on the spot, handmade and only on a customer’s order. Based on the team’s experience in interior design, it will also help choose the appropriate lighting and offer professional consultancy.

HASKE Lighting would like to invite you to this beautiful journey and hopes that you will join it with a smile on your face and with equal commitment. 🙂